Open School Resources

How to Earn and Claim the Basic Certificate

A description of how to complete the courses necessary for the Basic Certificate, as well as instructions for how to claim the certificate.

How to access Individual Patient Safety Subscription

Step-by-step instructions on how to find and access the Individual Patient Safety Subscription

Getting Started with a Group Subscription to the IHI Open School

Find instructions on getting started with your group subscription to the IHI Open School online courses

How Students, Residents, and Faculty Members Access the Open School for Free

If you are a student, resident, intern, professor, teacher, or dean, you get free access to the Open School.

Open School Courses

To access the Open School courses, users must register with a full profile. The courses are free for individual students, residents, and professors, as well as learners from the Least Developed Countries.

Submitting Assignments

Learn how to submit assignments in the IHI Education Platform.

I have finished my course, but it is not showing up Underneath the completed tab

If you can't get your courses marked as Completed there are some simple solutions to complete it.

How to improve my score on Open School courses

The assessments at the end of every lesson in an Open School course are designed to solidify your learning – not to trick you.

Access IHI Education Quick Start Guide

Already registered to take Open School courses or considering registering? Not sure where to go next? Check out the Quick Start Guide.

Where do I enter my passcode for Open School

With our new learning platform, there is no longer the need to enter a passcode to access courses. While you will continue to have access to the same engaging Open School content you enjoy now, you’ll simply navigate to the courses a bit differently.