Where do I find and export reports for my Open School group subscription?

Make your way to the reporting dashboard 

You may export a list of participants by clicking on the "Export List of Activated Subscriptions" button in the box on the upper left. The export file will include the subscription name as well as first, last, and username of the participants.

To pull data on the participants' activities, go to the "Reporting Paramaters" box in the upper right. To export all data, leave all paramaters blank and click "Export Report (csv)". You may also filter the results before exporting by using the reporting paramater options. Please note: Participants must enter the access code to be included on the reports. If they enroll in a course before entering the access code, the course will not be included on your reports. These reports will provide data for courses that were enrolled in during your current subscription year. 

The report will have the following data points: learner's first and last name, email, organization (as they have reported on their IHI account), name of the learning activity, status of that activity, enrollment date, completion date if there is one, and the access code which was used by the learner to access that course.