Open School Courses

What steps do I need to take to sign up for and start taking Open School online courses?
To access the Open School courses, users must register . The courses are free for individual students, residents, and professors, as well as learners from the Least Developed Countries. IHI charges an annual fee for health professionals and groups, who can earn continuing education credits and access many subscriber benefits. Visit the Open School Subscription Page to learn more about subscription options. 

Can I try out some of the courses before subscribing?
Yes, there are a few courses available to all for free, as well as previews of other courses. Explore the Subscription Options page for Sample Courses . You will still need an IHI account prior to accessing the courses.

What courses make up the Basic Certificate?
There are a total of 13 courses that make up the Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety. They are: PS 101 through 105, QI 101 through 105, TA 101, L 101, and PFC 101. Visit the Open School page for additional information. 

How do I obtain MOC Part 2 credits through the Open School?
Explore Open School certificates  You will see the list of required courses for the approved activity, as well as the boards that these credits can be submitted to.

How do I get certificates for the courses?
If you are in the course dashboard, you may click on the “Certificates” tab (next to “Courses”) on the top of the page to see what certificates are available to you. Otherwise, you may login and go to and view your pending or existing certificates there. In order to obtain the certificates, a brief survey is required from each class that is taken.