To complete the Basic Certificate Program, you will need to complete the following courses: PS 101-105, QI 101-QI105, PFC 101, TA 101, L101.  Please follow the steps below to earn your certificate.  In order to access these courses you will either need have student or resident access ,  or be affiliated with a paid subscription (click here for subscription options )

Follow the Steps Below to Earn the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety (If you have already completed the program and are looking for the certificate, skip to the below section "Claiming the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety".

1. Logon at
2. Select "Browse Catalog"
3. Click the Browse by Open School Topic Box

4. Select "Open School Basic Certificate English"

5. This will bring up all the courses that are required to gain the Open School Basic Certificate.  Select "Enroll" for a course, It does not matter what order you take the courses in.  

6. Once you click the enroll button, you will automatically be brought to your learning center.  The course should now be listed underneath the "current" tab of your learning center.
7. Once you have completed the course, navigate back to Browse Catalog by selecting the magnifying glass from the menu on the left.  

8. Repeat steps 3 - 7 until all 13 courses are completed, again the order you complete the course in does not matter.
9. After completing all 13 courses, proceed to the steps below to claim your certificate.

Follow the Steps below to Claim your Certificate in Quality and Safety
1. Navigate to the Completed tab of your Learning Center

2. After Completing the 13th course, a 14th item will appear in your completed tab titled "Open School Basic Certificate English".  Scroll until you find this this and click "Claim Credits" button.  Please note the Basic Certificate may not be the first thing that appears on your completed tab, as it appears below.  You may have to scroll to find it.  

If you do not see this item, please verify that you have completed all 13 courses.  (PS 101 - 105, QI 101 - 105, PFC 101, L101, TA 101)
3.  Check the box to select the credit type.  Click Submit.  A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm your selection.  
4.  You will return to your learning center
5. To find your certificate, visit the Certificate Center .  You can find the Certificate Center from the Learning Center by clicking "Print Certificates, view you course history and claimed credits in My IHI" located underneath the completed tab in the learning center.  
6. Once you have navigated to the Certificate Center, scroll down until you find the "Open School Basic Certificate English".  Please note that the name of the certificate changed during the platform upgrade and the "Open School Basic Certificate English" is the same as the "Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety".  

7. To create a printable/downloadable certificate click on the "Credit Type".  

8. On the following screen, click the button just above your certificate to download a PDF of your certificate.