My Courses are stuck at 100%, how do I get them to appear underneath the completed tab

  1. Navigate to your Learning Center
  2. Under the Current tab, find the course that you would like to complete
  3. Click on the course title
  4. Look at the Lesson Headers (ex. PS 101 Lesson 1: Understanding Adverse Events and Patient Safety).  Each of these Lesson Headers should have a check mark next to it.

  5. Find the lesson that does not have a check mark next to it.  Notice in the example above that Lesson 2 has a check mark next to it but Lesson 1 does not.  

  6. Click on the Lesson title that does not have a check mark next to it.  This will bring you to the beginning of the lesson.  

7. Advance through the lesson, completing any your turns and the post- lesson assessment, even if you have already completed them.  

8. Continue to advance through the course until you see a window pop up that reads “Congratulations, you have completed [course name].” When you see that announcement, the course will appear in your Completed tab in your Learning Center.

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