Where do I put my access code to enroll in courses through my organization's Open School subscription?

1. Go to education.ihi.org  and log in

2. Once you are logged in, go to “Browse Catalog”

3. On the top of right hand side of page, you will see a box titled "Enter Access Code". Put your code in that box and press enter:

Once you see a green bar on the top of the screen acknowledging your successful input of a valid code, all the Open School courses available to you will say “enroll”
Note: Please input your access code before attempting to enroll in a course. If you enroll in a course (such as a free sample course) before entering the access code, that course will not appear on your organization's reports. 

4. After enrolling in a course, return to your Learning Center and click "launch" to begin the course

5. Enjoy your learning journey!