Select or Modify Sessions for National Forum

How do I modify my registration and/or choose my sessions?

  1. Find your confirmation email and follow the link that reads "Click here to modify your registration." You may also visit this page.
  2. Log in with your Confirmation number and your email address, then click OK 
  3. Select "Modify" on the upper left portion of the page
  4. Review or make edits to your registration, then click Next
  5. Review or edit your Registration Items, then click Next
  6. Select your sessions (search by date and topic) — Be sure to click "Add to Agenda" for each session before moving to the next page. This will ensure that your selections are saved.
  7. Click Next to view your registration summary. For help, watch our step-by-step tutorial video on YourTube or below.
  8. Click Next and then Finish to finalize your session selection. A confirmation email will be sent for your records.