Group Subscription to the IHI Open School Courses

If you have purchased a group subscription to the IHI Open School courses, your participants may begin taking the online courses at Before distributing this link, however, you must identify the participants in your group by adding them to your Open School roster. If your participants are not registered on the IHI website yet, please instruct them to create accounts before attempting to add them to your roster. Here are some helpful resources to get started:

Resources to help you plan and promote your program

  • Curriculum Integration Toolkit: instructions for navigating the courses, recruitment materials, and advice from other educators on integrating quality and safety into training programs
  • Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans: ready-made teaching materials for all 13 courses in the Basic Certificate: Slides, homework assignments, exams, lesson plans, reading lists, and more

If you do not have a group subscription and are interested in learning more, please call us at 617-301-4800 or email us at  for more information. You can also view our subscription options.