View Open School Group Subscription Reports

  1. Go to your customer portal at
  2. Click your company name on the left side of your profile
  3. Click the Reports tab
    screenshot of reports tab
  4. Select a report type
    1. Course Data – shows each course completed by user after 9/14/2020.  Users need to complete courses to appear on this report.  Once they do, there name and the course they completed will appear on the spreadsheet.  
    2. Course Data (prior to Sep 14th 2020) -  shows each course completed by user prior to September 14th, 2020
    3. Lesson Data (Prior Sept 14th 2020) – shows each lesson completed with dates and quiz scores prior to September 14th, 2020.  There is not currently a report that shows this for users after Sept 14th.  See more information regarding there not being a current course report here .  
    4. User Data – shows the participants that have been added to your group
  5. If you select the course report, set a date range for which you want to see data 
    1. Please note: Completion data from before 5/1/2016 is not available
  6. Click the Find button 
  7. Click the Export button and select Excel 
  8. When you open the file, ignore the warning message and click “yes” 
  9. When you save the file, be sure to select “Excel Workbook” as the filetype rather than the default “web page”

A few differences from the past reports: