Login Security - TLS Warning – What You Need to Know 

On July 20, 2020, IHI will no longer support Transport Layer Security (TLS) lower than 1.2 to login to ihi.org. Any older web browsers that do not support TLS 1.2 will no longer work after this date. This change is mandated for PCI compliance to protect your data. 

Why are we making this change? 

TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 is no longer a strong form of encryption because it is vulnerable to many known attacks. This is not an action IHI is taking alone. EVERY secure website is moving in this direction, if they have not already. If you are using an insecure or unsupported browser, you will find that all secure websites will stop working. 

How do I know if I’m affected? 

Most browsers have supported TLS for the least few years. So if you can still login after July 20, 2020, you should be all set. If you are met with a warning when you land on the login page, you will need to update your browser. 

Browser Support 

Most browsers have supported TLS 1.2 for several years. The following browsers are out-of-date and do not support this new security enhancement.   

  • Google Chrome 29  
  • Firefox 26  
  • Internet Explorer 10  
  • Safari 8  
  • iOS 4 
  • Android 4 

Please download a new version of any of these browsers or try a different one.