Update your account so it can be included in an Open School Group Subscription

In order to be added to an organization's group subscription, you need to be a part of the same organization of the administrator for that subscription. If for some reason, you or a colleague is not part of the same organization in our system, customers can update their account so they can be included.

  1. Go to your My IHI Portal (https://my.ihi.org/myaccount)
  2. To edit your organization, select the pencil in the right-hand corner of the box with your name, organization, and IHI ID number.  screenshot of My Account page

  3. Edit the Primary Organization box.  Please select the instance as provided by your administrator from the drop down.   You must select an instance and not just type it in.
    screenshot of Choose Organization screen
  4. Click Save & Close.
  5. Logout and Log back in, you should now appear on the administrator's roster.