How to Add or Remove Members from Membership Roster

Please note: Only key contacts have the ability to edit the membership roster.

  1.  Access your organization’s profile by clicking on your organization’s name in the sidebar under your own name. 

  2. Navigate to the “Roster” tab on the dark grey menu. Here you will see all the employees who have selected your organization in their profile. This is the pool you will search from when adding employees to your roster . Verify the employees you want to add are listed under your organization’s contacts. If an employee is missing from your organization’s list of contacts, please ask employee to verify that they have selected the correct organization on their profile. If they do not have an account, please ask them to create a profile on and ensure they select the correct organization. You can also create profiles on their behalf by clicking “Add Contact”.
  3. Navigate to the “Membership” tab. Click “Manage Membership Roster”
  4. Search for the employee you want to add by typing in all or part of their first and last name.
  5. Click “Select” next to the correct employee. Click “Next”
  6. The user has now been added to the member roster and has access to membership benefits!
  7. To remove an employee from the roster, click “Remove”